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Do you offer private tours?

Currently we offer private tours in many destinations and can arrange many of our tours as private tours. Please contact our Customer Care team to arrange a private tour if you are interested and do not see it listed on our website.


What is the minimum number of participants for group tour to be provided?

Four people is the minimum number of participants required for a group tour.


What's the difference between a 'group' and a 'private' tour?

A group tour is one where you join a group of other travelers and a single guide.
Because our groups are rather small, you’ll still find it easy to hear and interact with your guide and it’s more cost-effective than a private tour, which is when you pay to have your own personal tour guide (and/or transfer) just for you.


Do you offer hotel pick-up?

Hotel pick-up and drop off are included for all private tours.
Please check pick-up information on your tour voucher.


How will I recognize the tour guide?

For all our tours, a company representative will be waiting for you holding a sign with ViaCityTour written on it.


What languages are your tours in?

All our regular group tours are in English only.
We don’t do multi-language tours, which means you’ll never have to wait while a tour guide speaks first in English, then in German, then in French.


Do your tour guides speak good English?

We insure that our guides are all fluent and articulate English speakers.


Do you accept last-minute bookings?

When we have space! Check our website for availability first. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there is a chance that it’s sold out or it may just be off-sale because it’s within a day or two of tour running time. In that case we can often still take bookings over the phone or by mailing us to, so give our team a call/ email to find out. A minimum of 3 days is required to book any private tour.


How far in advance should I book my tour?

It’s hard to say and differs from one tour to another. For our most popular or limited-availability tours; such as the Versailles Palace with gardens; we would recommend booking as soon as you can as these services often sell out months in advance. Other services such as regular group tours can usually booked at least few days in advance. If you know what tour you want to book though, we would always say to book as soon as you can.


How do I make a change to my booking?

We’re more than happy to accommodate you on a different date, or at a different time as long as we have the availability. To make a change, please contact us by email or by calling us at :. UK +44(0)20 3026 5110 , FR +33 (1)7 8906730 . Contact information can be found on your electronic voucher. Please note that there might be situations when services cannot be amended. For example: theater tickets, rail trips, lunch and dinner products, overnight tours and attraction tickets might not be amended or cancelled once booked. Text on the tour page will indicate if the date and time cannot be changed once booked.


How do I cancel a tour?

It is important when cancelling a tour you provide your name, tour name and date of the tour you wish to cancel and mostly important to us is your booking reference number. Cancellation can be made via e-mail at, your booking will be cancelled and we will provide a cancellation number for your records. Credit card refunds will be made according to our cancellation policy.


What is your cancellation policy?

The majority of our tours may be cancelled for a 90% refund when cancelled with at least 48-hours notice; withholding a 10% booking fee. All tours are non-refundable when cancelled within 48-hours of the tour’s departure time.
Most tours and services offered on are fully refundable when cancelled up to 7 days prior to departure under ViaCityTour Cancellation Policy. Specific cancellation and refund policies are noted on all other services in the description details.
Please click on the following link for a complete summary of our policies.
Cancellations must be made in writing, by emailing to


Is your website secure?

Our Internet site uses the SSL encryption protocol to guarantee secure transactions and complete confidentiality.
Your bank details and all the information you enter on the various forms are automatically encrypted when your data is transferred over the network. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system automatically encrypts your data before it is transmitted over the network, and it can only be decrypted using a unique key once it has arrived on our server.


What happens after I've made a booking through your website?

When concluding the tour booking through our website you are provided with a booking reference number and a link to print a version of the services booked. Also an e-mail is sent to your email address that you provided at the time of booking that will include your tour voucher and booking reference number as part of a confirmation message. If for any reason you do not receive these messages within 12-hours do not hesitate to contact us.


What happens if I lose the voucher?

Please contact us as soon as you realize you lost your voucher and a copy will be provided to your preferred email address.


What kind of information do you need to book one of your tours through your website?

We require your name, address, e-mail address, credit card number (MasterCard or Visa) along with expiry date and security code (last 3 digits code on the back of your card), the name of lead traveller and number of participants on the tour. Also a contact phone number is highly recommended.


Can I book more than one tour at a destination?

Yes! You can book as many tours and activities as you want, in any destination. Though we suggest that you carefully check the start and end times and consider the travel time if booking more than one tour on the same day. You can add tours and activities by clicking on the Continue Shopping button in the Shopping Cart page.You will receive a separate confirmation and voucher for each tour.


What do I need to do if I need to reserve a larger group than the size you advertise on the website?

In this case you may send us an e-mail to with the type of service you require, exact number of participants, age and number of children, date or period in which you wish to travel. Or you can break down your reservation into more than one. Always remember to cross-reference bookings via the comments box on the form you complete to make a reservation.


How do I find out prices for multiple tour reservations and/or family special rates?

We apply different rates and discounts depending on traveller’s age, the tours chosen, number of participants, period of the year... etc., so being request of this type generally very different from each other we can not have a specific section on our site with different rates. For these reasons we kindly ask you to contact us before you reserve our tours via e-mail at


I am traveling with a small child – can I bring a stroller with me?

Not on all tours. Please get in touch with our team before bringing a stroller on your tour. Some sites will not allow you to bring a stroller inside, while on our driving tours and day trips, we may not have storage space within the vehicle. If you let us know in advance we can help you to arrange a workable alternative.


What should I bring on my tour?

We ask that all customers bring photo ID with their date of birth listed plus your tour Voucher. For all tours involving walking, we would recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. If you’re visiting in warm weather (May – September) we recommend that you bring a bottle of water and a hat. This applies particularly if you are touring within Paris where there is very little shade. During the cooler months we would recommend that you bring a coat and possibly a rain jacket and/or umbrella.


It's raining, is my tour still running?

Yes! Our tours run rain or shine. On some very rare occasions, when the weatheris particularly dramatic, some outdoor sites may be closed. On these occasions we will try to contact you in advance, where we have warning.


There is a good chance we’ve answered your question on our FAQ page, but if not, the best way to reach us for non-urgent matters us is by email at
Our team will try to get back to you within 24 hours with a full response.
Depending on where you’re calling us from, you can get us on any of the number below: UK +44(0)20 3026 5110, FR +33 (1)7 8906730.